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The Bellingham Network is committed to providing the highest quality service to our community.

Networking, the exchange of ideas and information, referrals, community outreach and social interaction.

Mission Statement
As a group of Bellingham businesses and Whatcom County professionals, we are committed to the ethical entrepreneurial success of ourselves and our fellow members.

As a network member I am motivated to work honestly and with integrity. I promote ethical business standards. Entrepreneurial success comes from conscious commitment. I know that commitment to the Network will enhance my business and the business of my fellow members.

A guest may attend two meetings before submitting an application for membership. Applicant will then give a short 3 minute presentation about their business. Applications will be considered only from professions with high standards and are noncompetitive with current members.

Social Interaction
The Network sponsors a variety of social events to promote a more informal process of getting to know the other members and their businesses.

Community Outreach
We believe that the community supports us in our professional endeavors, therefore we give in return. These include volunteering, donating resources, and monetary grants.

Weekly breakfast meetings are held Thursdays from 7:15 to 8:30 A.M. Attendees give a brief introduction of themselves and their businesses. Next is an exchange of local business information, 'street talk" and referrals. One member then gives a 30 minute presentation relating to their specific field. - Whatcom County business resource.